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Learn Chi Running and Chi Walking with Hannah Kirkman, the first certified instructor in the South West and a REPs-registered fitness instructor.

Based on the principles of T’ai Chi, Chi Running is a mindful running technique that teaches body alignment and relaxation while shifting the workload to your core muscles, lessening the impact of running on the body, reducing the risk of injury, and helping you to run in as effortless a way as possible. Check out Why Chi Running to learn more.

Hannah runs regular Chi Running workshops in Bristol, Exeter and Taunton. Individual and bespoke group coaching is also available.

Free taster sessions!

Like to find out more about Chi Running and how it can help your running? Come along to one of Hannah’s FREE taster sessions:  Taunton on 22nd March or Bristol on 10th May

No exaggeration to say Chi running has revolutionised the way I run. Constant running injuries had me on the verge of giving up. Chi running has taught me it’s a matter of learning good technique that works with your body instead of my previous “no pain no gain” approach. I read the Chi running book and watched the video but there is no substitute for a good teacher like Hannah to guide you through the principles and give you feedback on your form. Thank you Hannah for showing me I am “Born to run” after all! - Adrian Exell, Somerset

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